Cool Google Maps Add-in

I’m looking up an address in Google Maps for an work meeting earlier today, and I click on send to do my normal “send to email” option, only to find that there were two additional options: car and GPS.

You will need to add a plug-in (IE and FF), and once you have that installed, and your GPS connected, when you click send … it’s loaded to your GPS!

Too cool!

Isn’t 13 unlucky for some?

It’s amazing what you find when you are browsing randomly through the web. It seems that the number on the back of books (the ISBN) is moving from 10-digits to 13-digits in 2007.

The source of this news actually provides a really good overview of how the ISBN system works, and why it is the way that it is (and now moving to a 13-digit number).

Mobile friendly sites

Being a crackberry user, I’m always interested in articles that collect useful links, especially if they relate to the my handy hand-sized gizmo.

Over at BlackBerry Forums I discovered this link to a page full, I mean FULL of links that are mobile device friendly. If you use a mobile device, its worth checking this page out.

Earlier this weekend, I found that Lifehacker posted a link to mobile-friendly shopping sites (like Amazon, etc.). Extremely useful at this time of year.

Now, I need a decent mobile-device friendly bookmark manager to keep them all organized. Any suggestions?

Graveyard for Dead Federal Websites

Yep, there is such a place, and it’s hosted at University of North Texas in partnership with the Government Printing Office. It’s appropriately called the CyberCemetary.

Here you will find websites on the National Partnership for Reinventing Government, the President’s Commission on the Celebration of Women in American History, and other now dead websites.