Moving Onward and Forward

As I hinted in my earlier post, my time with Youth First Texas is coming to a close. While there has been a great deal of joy being a member of this organization, the internal struggles with personalities, and egos has made my ability to remain on the board all that more difficult. Today I […]

When A Neighborhood Becomes Unfriendly

I’m going to start by stating my bias. I don’t have a lot of love for my current HOA board, especially some of the decisions that they make. Many of the decisions appear to me – at least – to be self serving (this is where my bias comes in). Take for example the latest […]

a birthday request …

June gives many of us all two reasons to celebrate. It’s GLBT Pride month and it’s my birthday (yes, another Gemini)! As you may know, I serve on the board of Youth First Texas. This year, I want to ask that if you were planning on celebrating my birthday with me that you take a […]

Inspired Reading

I’ve been thinking about making a post over the last few days, and each time I sit down to write something, I move onto something else. This morning, I read a post by danah boyd, and just wanted to post the link here. It is such a good read, and puts into words how I […]