We All Should Value Privacy

Especially in the bathroom!

Caroline Cossey – former Bond Girl and Playboy Model

This is Caroline Cossey, a transgender woman who is a former Bond Girl and posed for Playboy in the 90’s. Frisco has two candidate’s in the runoff election (early voting starts June 6, election day is June 18) that want people like Caroline to be forced to use the male restrooms in our city and state. Caroline was born male and under laws being promoted by our state leaders to “protect children” (based on the North Carolina law), she would be required to use the male restroom.

This is what Terri Green and Cindy Asche (see update below) want for Frisco.

Privacy is incredibly important, but so is safety. Our city should be a safe place for everyone, without exception. If Caroline was forced to use a male restroom (as Terri and Cindy insist should be the case) to use a stall, she would most likely be arrested or assaulted. How is that protecting the privacy and safety of people in our community?

Aydian Dowling – Fitness Model

And then there is Aydian Dowling, a transgender man who recently was featured in Men’s Health. Aydian was born female and if Terri or Cindy have anything to do with the best interest of our city, they would require Aydian to use the female restroom. If someone like Aydian was to walk into a female restroom (because they were required to), there is no doubt that Aydian would be putting himself into a very hostile environment – through no fault of his own. There is no doubt in my mind that he would be assaulted, or worse!

Ask yourself if this makes sense. Ask yourself if this is the type of city you want Frisco to be known for? Rockwall City Council recently tried to change their laws to follow the North Carolina law, but it failed as their Mayor was not able to get a second for his motion. It’s an issue here in Frisco under the umbrella term “quality of life” (and being promoted by groups like the Frisco Tea Party). If Terri Green and Cindy Asche are elected, this is practically guaranteed to be placed on the Council agenda for consideration.

Shouldn’t our candidates and city council be focusing on more important issues? Frisco can do better and must.

Update (6/2/2016): Cindy Asche has stated that she does not believe this to be a local issue, and has not taken a position on this. I have sought feedback from her – as I have with other candidates – on whether she would support or oppose bathroom restrictions for transgender individuals. She has yet to reply.
Update (6/7/2016): Still no reply from Cindy on my request for clarification.