Introduce yourself with a recent picture and 15 interesting facts

Day 1

Here is a recent picture of me. This was taken at the NCAA Division I Championship in Frisco earlier in the year.

So that is me. On a cold night in the bleachers at Pizza Hut Park in Frisco.

Next are fifteen interesting facts about me (the interest level may vary, but I’m listing things that some may know about, and others will learn about).

  1. I am Australian.
  2. I am a Gemini (under the old system, and I don’t think I’m going to move to the new system).
  3. At the time of this post, I am 42 years old.
  4. I am gay (this should not be  a shock or surprise to anyone).
  5. I have a phenomenal partner in life, Chris.
  6. We have two dogs: Bosley and Colby. (Both of our boys have died since this original post. We now have Max the cat.)
  7. I have one tattoo and one piercing.
  8. I have done 4-5 naked runs (5Ks). A number of clothed ones.
  9. I don’t like open water (or crazy people driving boats on water). (This is not necessarily true anymore, since doing my first cruise. 8/2014)
  10. I love the beach, but rarely swim in the ocean.
  11. I have been in three relationships in my life.
  12. I do eat Vegemite on toast and other things.
  13. I had LASIK in 1998, but now have to wear glasses for reading and the computer.
  14. I was meant to be named “Eric Russell Nunn” but due to odd reasons, I was named after my mother’s father.
  15. I have three brothers (2 older, 1 younger) and 1 sister (younger).