2010: A Review

Back in January 2010, I posted a list of goals (or resolutions) that I had. While I was able to achieve some of these, many of these went uncompleted. As I give thought to what I want to achieve in 2011, here is a review of 2010.

1. Start a family. Chris and I have been discussing when the right time would be for having a child, and as we are both getting older, we’ve decided that now is as good a time as any. We are exploring different options for us to make this happen, and as we make progress, we’ll be posting up

No luck with this, however our friends Bobby and Ian did start theirs. So we have become uncles to the handsome Mr. Parker (“P-diddy”). In 2011 we shall continue to explore this option for Chris and I.

2. Successfully renew my work visa for the next couple of years. This will be a critical step for us to achieve goal number 1, as well as keeping me working at the best nonprofit agency in the US of A.

Done, and with a new attorney. What a major difference it is to have someone handling this application who actually knows what they are doing.

3. Participate in at least four (4) 5K runs. This in part is related to the first goal, and will help with our training. One of our goals is to include our Little Brother in one of these runs towards the latter part of the year.

I completed 50% of these. I can’t say that I was in the best shape, but I made it to the finish line in both races.

4. Complete a half-marathon. Chris and I are going to try to complete the White Rock Half-Marathon later this year. We will be working towards building up our distance and stamina to make this a reality, and thankfully it is on the other side of summer, so there will be many opportunities to train.

Um, no. Maybe 2011.

5. Complete a 5K run in under 30 minutes. The best that I’ve ever done was just under 33 minutes, so with some focus and determination this should be a relatively easy goal to make.

Almost, but another incomplete.

6. Travel to at least one place that I’ve never been before outside of the United States. Right now there are discussions for a trip to the Mexican Riviera which would fulfill this goal, but should this not happen, there will be another trip that we will need to take.

We made it to Mexico!

7. Successfully meet the goals for my new role on the Youth First Texas board. This will include the fundraising component, but it also relates to working with the board to overcome some of the issues that the organization is facing right now.

Done. I will be honest and say that it was a lot more work than I originally thought but it has been an amazing experience and I am looking forward to continuing to build on the work that I have started this past year in 2011.

8. Continue to improve general health. While the running (exercise) will definitely help with this, I do need to put a goal about weight loss, or general health on my list. I would like to drop back to at least a 32? waist before summer starts, and that will be something that I will attempt to do.

Health has improved, especially mental health. I did get a little thinner for the summer, but maintenance has never been my thing. We have rejoined the gym, and we will be adhering to a stricter fitness routine in the new year.

9. Travel to Australia to visit family, including family I did not get an opportunity to meet up with during our last visit in 2009. At this stage our thinking is to make the trip around Christmas this year, but that will depend a great deal on Qantas making it financially possible.

With our travels to Mexico, the trip to Australia didn’t happen. 2011 will see a family reunion.

10. Maintain healthier relationships. This is something that may be more difficult to measure, but it’s one goal that I have to focus on more. We tend to get caught up in the world as it rushes by us each day, and it is becoming more important to me to spend time with my friends, along with making new friends.

I think I have been successful in this. I’ve definitely expanded my circle of friends, and I don’t think this has affected my existing relationships. Of course, others may disagree.

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  1. Kudos to you for making the list in the first place and the accomplishments. I’m a huge fan of travelling and was glad to see a few of those resolutions on your list. Best of luck w/ the family plans, your fitness goals and to of course more travelling in 2011.