Frisco City Council Place 4 Election

As a neighbor, friend or work colleague, I am invading your inbox for a short moment to remind you that voting for the Frisco City Council Place 4 runoff election started today. Early voting runs through June 8 (no voting on June 6), with the runoff election being held on June 12, 2010. Details on voting locations and hours can be found here.

Another reason for this note is to answer a question that I’ve been asked by some of you: who would I like to see as the new council member for Place 4?

The answer to that question – for me – is simple: Jim Joyner.

I base this on two main factors. The first is based on his experience and secondly, Jim’s vision for Frisco as a vibrant and livable city. Both of these are extremely important to me for the following reasons.

Experience: Jim has previously served on city council, the CDC and other commissions and boards within the city. While I have not applauded every decision that Jim has made in his previous tenure on city council, Jim has always been open to discuss the issues with any citizen of Frisco to hear the different sides of the story. Much of the time, his judgment has been solid and his intentions always true.

Future Direction of the City: For years we had a very strong city council that had a clear vision on where Frisco should be in the future. Through these council members a city was created that became the jewel in Texas as one of the best places to live, work, play and grow (to borrow our city’s old motto). In that vision, Frisco has been a partner with other cities to build a strong regional response to the growing needs of our community and those around us. Jim has proven experience to understand the needs of our community and had the vision to support major initiatives like the Arts of Collin County project. Just as importantly, Jim is a fiscal conservative and also knows when to exercise restraint. A council member is one voice amongst 6 (7 in the case of a tie), and right now we need Jim’s voice on council to maintain a balance amongst those that support the vision that made Frisco what it is today.

Your vote is important, and I hope that you will stand with the many voices that know that a vote for Jim Joyner is a vote for a voice for all the citizens of Frisco.

If you have any questions or comments on my email, please reply to my email or call me at 469-287-8488.

James Nunn