Remembering Stonewall

Stonewall Inn, New York City (courtesy of WikiPedia)
Stonewall Inn, New York City (courtesy of WikiPedia)

On June 28 many GLBT Americans will celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Stonewall Inn riots, the beginning of the modern day gay rights movement.

Many GLBT organizations across America will come together in honor and remembrance of the brave men and women who took this fight to the streets in 1969, and provided many of us an opportunity to live in a freer and more open society. We have a long way to go, and to help keep the message alive, many marches and rallies will be hosted throughout the country on Sunday, June 28, 2009.

The largest march/rally is expected to be held in New York city, but local organizers are working to host a Million Gay March in Dallas. Here are the local details:

When: June 28, 2009
Time: March (2:00 PM @ Cedar Springs Rd/Knight St.)
Rally (3-5 PM) @ Lee Park in Dallas
Phone: 469-556-4249