In 38 sleeps

As a kid growing up (and what kid doesn’t do this now), I used to count down the days to something really exciting by the number of sleeps I had to go. Of course, as I have gotten older, I have discovered the joy of the occasional mid-afternoon nap, which I have decided don’t count […]

I’ll miss you Duncan

We are in shock. Chris just got a phone call from our friend in the UK, Fruitbat, to tell us that his longtime partner Duncan died on Thursday. Duncan was 40. I can’t believe the news that we just got. I am upset, and saddened (is there a stronger word?) that Fruitbat has lost his […]

Tin or Aluminum Cans?

Ten years ago today I arrived in the United States on a journey that was filled with hope, and built on a new love that had yet to be fully explored. Today, ten years ago, Chris and I landed at LAX and then made our way to DFW where Chris and I started our lives […]