Changing your last name

Recently I was asked if I knew anything about changing your last name after a marriage that had taken place in Canada. The goal would be hyphenate both last names of the couple. I did some research and found that changing your last name in Texas can be relatively simple, and requires a person to file a petition to their local District Court, pay the fee, and get an order signed. (That is the simple version.)

During my research I found that this site for Texas (there are other states also available from this site). This site provides you with all the instructions on how to file for you change of name, and provides you with PDF’s for the formats that you will need for your petition and order.

The current fee for filing (in Collin County) is $233.00, and there may be other costs associated with getting certified copies of the court order. (See Collin County District Court Fee Schedule)

This process is something which you could complete yourself, however it is always suggested that you consult with an attorney who may have some experience with this kind of filing in your local area.