Today is the first day of the rest of your life … and a good way to start that day is by adding on five (5) hours. This is what I did today (yesterday), as Chris, myself, and his parents headed off to Hawaii for a short vacation.

We departed in the mid afternoon (a little later than scheduled), and then we arrived in the mid afternoon (a little earlier than scheduled). The flight was reasonably pleasant, and we were able to watch “27 Dresses” and “Night at the Museum” on the plane. I actually enjoyed both of them, and I decided that these were good movies for planes. One of the funniest things I noted on the plane, is that when they were showing TV programs like “How I Met your Mother” words like “breast” and “damn” were bleeped.

AlohaAnyway, we arrived in Honolulu where the temperature was a pleasant 80-something degrees. It was a little cloudy, so it was not completely perfect, but tolerable. The interesting thing about Honolulu airport is that most of the walkways are outside (or open air), and it’s just a pleasant experience to have an environment where you are not sweltering as you are running to your next plane.

Ilikai Lanai Day 1We checked into our accommodation and loved the views from our large balconies. The hotel is not located directly in Waikiki, but is close enough, and a very pleasant stroll through Fort DeRussey Park.

After settling in a little, we headed for a wander along Kalakaua Ave before going to Perry’s Smorgys. I remember going to this place with Daniel about 12 years ago, and as I have aged, I have realized that memories are not always what they appear. The dinner was a buffett with mediocre food – at best. The only upside to this place is that it does have a pleasant eating area outside, and one of the more unique entrances for a restaurant in Waikiki. Sadly, these positives don’t outweight the negatives, and this blog entry will serve as a reminder that memories can be flawed.

At the end of Day 1, we fell into bed having achieved an almost 29 hour day!