Run naked

Finish Line at BAYD2007Back on October 6, I along with some friends, participated in my first naked run: the Bluebonnet Bare As You Dare 5K. It was a load of fun, and we all had a great time. The weather was ideal – a little cloudy, but warm – and the atmosphere was extremely friendly (but not in that kind of way). Everyone was there to run naked through the trails, and enjoy some time after the race relaxing in the pool or hot tub.

125 runners had registered for the race, and 108 actually crossed the finish line (the image is of me crossing the line). I did better than I expected for my time (39:04 mins), especially given the trail we were running. It was cross country, and quite a few hills. Thankfully most of the trail had been graded for the run, so it was less troublesome than the “practice run” I had done a couple of weeks before.

Bluebonnet is a great venue, and I think I’m going to be spending more and more time up that way in the new year. I’ve already signed up for the first race in the series in April!