Project Lanai (Part Deux)

IMG_4546Thanks to my good friend Layton, the lanai preparation has developed to an almost final stage. I have two things to show for the work that Layton and I did: (1) a semi-circle dirt area in my back yard; and (2) peeling skin. It seems that Layton doesn’t burn when standing around in the sun, but that same luxury is not extended to me. The good thing is that it wasn’t as bad as it could have been (which kind of surprised me given the amount of time we were out there digging around).

The next stage is to dig out some channels towards the house to protect the foundation, and then start the brickwork (border). following that, we will be cementing the interior (in sections). The discussion over the color of the bricks, final concrete and the design of the sections is still ongoing.

As you would imagine, there is a downside to doing a project like this, and having dogs. This problem is made all that more challenging when it rains.