the Movie

Well we are now safely home and time to reflect on The Simpsons Movie … well that is done!

Now I shall preface my comments by stating that I am not as much a fan of The Simpsons as others that I know, and I do not have the innate ability to rattle off lines from the series throughout the years. Most of the time, it’s funny, some of the time I laugh. This pretty much describes my reaction to the movie.

I am sure there were funnier parts of the movie, however there were moments when applause, hootin’ and hollerin’ overwhelmed my ability to hear, so I shall have to watch it again (most likely when it is released on DVD). I’m willing to wait.

We sat in the theatre waiting for the “slushy” moment, alas didn’t appear (I think Ian dreamt about it, so it wasn’t meant to be there).

Following the movie most of the group ventured over to the Cheesecake Factory for a martini or other drink. Good discussion — not about the movie — and an enjoyable evening overall.