rules were meant to be broken

This from the latest CCGLA News Update:

Garcia named to 3rd term as president of Collin County Gay, Lesbian Alliance
Morris Garcia has been named president of the Collin County Gay and Lesbian Alliance for a third straight year. The election took place at the group’s fourth annual meeting, held June 11, according to a press release. CCGLA also elected Marla Parker as vice president, Dell Mott as secretary and Rosanne Rossetti as treasurer.

While it is great that Morris has been appointed as president, it highlights how many of the current CCGLA board don’t understand the rules that govern CCGLA. Currently (until the board chooses to amend it to suit this latest election), the bylaws state:

Section 5.10. Term Limitations. President and Vice President are limited to two (4) consecutive terms. There shall be no term limitations for Secretary, Treasurer, or other such officers as may be required from time to time. Completion of vacancies shall not constitute a term. After serving (4) consecutive terms, the outgoing President or Vice President may run again for the same office after an absence of one complete year.

This bylaw was recently amended (March 2007), and one assumes it was meant to be adjusted to accommodate Garcia’s intentions on serving as the longest president of CCGLA (an honor formerly held by CCGLA Founder Dawnetta Miller).