Still pending

After we thought the matter between CCGLA and CEF had been resolved, the judge granted a motion for a new hearing on April 16, 2007.

CCGLA’s attorney made some startling new claims during the hearing, especially the “fact” that CCGLA paid an attorney to draft the CEF’s documents, so they had a vested interest in the creation of the foundation. (Side note: As the author of the CEF’s Articles and Bylaws, I am not an attorney, AND I was never paid!)

CCGLA’s attorney made the claim that they needed to depose one member of the foundation’s board (I assume this would be me) so they could make their case to the Court. Based on this, the judge granted the motion.

During the hearing, the judge made the comment that he thought that one of the attorney’s was lying, and that he had never known our attorney to lie (having been in front of this particular judge a number of times). The judge warned that when he found out who was lying, that he would take action against that attorney. Talk about an uncomfortable moment for one particular attorney.

Shortly after this hearing, CCGLA filed a motion of non-suit with the court (May 4, 2007). Effectively, they are now backing out of the case. (See Motion for Non Suit from Jay English)