Email Issues

I’m getting really tired with one of our hosting providers (i.e. Vista Pages). It seems that everytime they make an improvement to their service, they totally mess up the email and/or web hosting.

Last night, I sat down to send some email. I copied myself on one of those emails, and hit the send button. My BlackBerry didn’t beep. Odd, I thought. So I logged into my gMail, to see if the message had been received in my inbox (I’ll explain my email structure soon – so this will make sense). Nothing.

I’ve had this happen before, so I logged onto VP Support, and advised them that this was an issue, and that it has happened before. “Submit a trouble ticket”, I was told. So I did, and then reactivated all the other trouble tickets that related to this same problem (referring them to the new trouble ticket).

It’s been over twelve hours and still no email is flowing in (or out).

As for why my BlackBerry didn’t beep, or gMail was empty … when an email is sent to my personal email address it goes to three places: my email account (for when I download in Outlook), my BlackBerry and my gMail account. This system actually works really well for me, as if I am at work or school and get an email that has an attachment that I read on my BlackBerry, and I decide I want to forward it (BB’s don’t do forwarding of attachments very well, if at all), then I just log into gMail and forward it that way. Of course, then I get home and download all my mail, primarily for archival purposes. Simple, eh?