On March 31, 2006, Collin County Gay and Lesbian Alliance filed suit against Collin Equality Foundation for Declaratory Judgment and Application for Temporary Restraining Order and Injuctive Relief (Court Reference: 401-00994-06).

The Plaintiffs are Collin County Gay & Lesbian Alliance, Michael Agan (Mike Agan), Lorie Burch, John Clements, Morris Garcia, Rosalinda Martinez (Blue Martinez), Dawnetta Miller, Wendell Mott (Dell Mott), and Kenneth Stowe.
The Defendants are Collin Equality Foundation, James Nunn, Chris Moss, Brian Marshall, and Sean O’Connor.

The case was dismissed with prejudice on January 12, 2007 and CCGLA was ordered to pay $8,750 in fees/costs to Collin Equality Foundation.

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