It’s a New Year for Politics

Well this is the month of politics.

This coming Thursday (1/4), the new Congress (110th) convenes with a new Democratic leadership in both the House and the Senate (hands up if you will be tuned to C-SPAN at 12 Noon EST). I think this will be an exciting time for those involved in politics. Many believe the Democrats will come in wielding their batons and causing chaos, but I’m optimistic that there will be a calmness over the next two years that will bring together both sides of politics to create change for the better for this country.

Well that is my fantasy. Speaking of which, I am starting a Fantasy Congress League. It’s going to be named after my blog, as it seems an appropriate title for a political league. You will need to register first before you can join this league, and when you have done that, let me know so I can get you attached to the league. The premise of FC can be read here.

And then there is state politics. Next Tuesday (1/9), the Texas Legislature convenes the 80th Regular session. Members of the Texas House and Senate have been pre-filing bills since November 13, 2006 (as of the end of the year, 478 bills/resolutions have been filed in the House, and 150 bills/resolutions have been filed in the Senate).

During this next session, there will be bills introduced that affect us all (well, mostly those of you who read this blog), including topics relating to:

For those inclined, you can check out more details of subjects, or general groupings of bills for this upcoming session.