Happy New Year

Last night, Chris, Brian and I hosted our 6th annual NYE party. As we all know, he who blogs first, writes the truth.

We were lucky to have some wonderful friends celebrate the new year with us this year (there will be additional photographic evidence to this fact later on), and we all had a fantastic time — some more than others (thanks to alcohol).

Of course, there may be some amongst the crowd that thought I might have been slightly tipsy from the evening’s activities, however nothing could be further from the truth. I was drunk (the first step is always the hardest). I have been told that I didn’t do anything too horrific while in this state, and upon waking up this morning (yes, before 12!) I did a quick inspection and no additional piercings or tattoos had been added to my being. Of course, if I did overstep a boundary or six, then I publicly apologize (public = blog; blog = low readership; low readership = lack of caring).

Some of the memorable events from the evening include the lead up to the picture shared above — something about high kicks and who can get their legs higher in the air (the results speak for themselves); a discussion about the benefits of piercing your nipples vertically, rather than horizontally (I’m still not convinced); and whether it is appropriate to talk about breast size, when the focal point is a person’s mother.

We ran a slide show throughout the evening of some of the highlights from the year, and if I can get that down to a manageable size, I might end up publishing that (spelling errors will be corrected, and the “s-apostrophe-s” will be left intact). We have some great pictures that I am sure will make it into next year’s presentation!

As we were bidding farewell to some of our friends after the festivities, Chris and I reflected on how fortunate we were to have some of the most generous and loving friends in the world. 2006 has been a good year (even if it did pass us by so quickly). Both of us have decided that 2007 needs to be more about family and friends, and we are looking forward to the many challenges that 2007 will bring – including our efforts to become parents.

To all our friends and family, happy new year!


  1. Happy New Year James!
    I can see why the pets still haven’t recovered. LOL!

    Becoming parents? Oh my! Me too! That was the deciding factor for why I chose to come to the US without immediate employment prospects.

    I think it may be time you and I exchange IM details and chat 🙂