A YouTube Aussie Day

While I was checking out some of the Aussie Day related YouTube videos, I found this one featuring Kate Cebrano, Jack Jones, James Blundell (who my sister had/has a crush on), amongst others. It is the song “I still call Australia home” and was used by QANTAS (Queers And Nellies Training As Stewards) as part of their “pull on the heart strings” promotion.

I’ll always be an Australian, and every time I see those damn ads, it brings a tear or two to the eyes.


  1. New Zealand?!?! I’m sure you have discovered the friendly rivalry between the two countries (Australia and NZ). I remember being at their airport a number of years back, and seeing Lamingtons spelt the way they say it – “Leamingtons” — it was way too funny!

  2. Rivalry? Yep. You’re both as bad as each other in that regard! The oddest thing to me when I moved to NZ was to see American TV commercials dubbed with Aussie accents. What was THAT about? I haven’t seen that particular spelling of “Lamington”, but I’ve seen plenty of other, um, phonetic spellings. Always good for a chuckle.

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