C’mon Aussie C’mon!

Two exciting pieces of news emanating from across the lake (Pacific Ocean).

First, QANTAS Airways is being sold, however the company has stated that it will remain Australian-owned, and the management structure will not be changed as a result. This is good news, as QANTAS is still one of the few airlines in the world that actually makes a profit. The change is a result of a takeover bid that was launched a couple of weeks back by a consortium, in which the Texas Pacific Group will be a part owner. It’s like my two homes are merging together.

Second, it appears that convenience – not to mention practicality – has hit wine bottles. Australia’s Hardy Wine Company is launching a new bottle called the “shuttle” that will include a single plastic wine glass as part of the bottle.

“It’s portable (and) it means you only need to buy one product to enjoy a glass of wine,” Miriam Leenders, Hardy Wine Company Global Marketing Manager, told Reuters. She said the product would be perfect for outdoor events where glass was not permitted for safety reasons.

The “Shuttle” is set for distribution in Australia in 2007.

Drinking outside – how civilized!

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