TX Gaybys

According to a story in the Dallas Morning News today, a “study, based on the most recent U.S. Census data, found that San Antonio has the highest percentage of gay couples raising children in the nation. Houston is fourth and the Fort Worth-Arlington area is fifth.”

The study goes on to suggest that this increase is part of the “gayby boom” experienced over the last twenty-five years.

One Comment

  1. As far as I know, the US Census data reflects those who filled out the long form and indicated that they live with an unmarried partner and share household responsibilties (or something like that.. I forget the exact wording of the question).

    It’s been proven that the question was worded badly to reflect gay households, as some Hispanic families in which multiple generations and/or unrelated people live in the same household answered that question in the affirmative. Having children would further inflate those figures and put border states such as Texas in the lead for “unmarried partners with children”.

    The Dallas Morning News has gotten more and more stories just plain wrong in the last few months 🙂