Foley is Finger Licking Good

… think popcorn people!

I am really enjoying the drama that is surrounding the Mark Foley resignation and subsequent rolling of the heads. It’s always enjoyable to watch people squirm when sexual stuff is involved. Clearly, Foley is in need of treatment for his sexual addiction, as well as his alcoholism (not to mention some good counseling to deal with all that grief from the triggered memories of being abused as a child). Of course, as my Sex and Addiction professor would say, he most likely was abused when he was about 16, as most sex addicts who focus on younger people, do so with people around the age they were themselves abused.

Naturally there is a lot of peripheral fallout with this discovery. It amazes me that something so simple can have so many unrelated issues thrown up as a kind of smoke screen around the problem. As I was listening to All Things Considered on Wednesday afternoon, there was some commentary by Marc Acito, a gay guy who had something to say about this very thing. To Marc, I say, “here here!”


  1. Isn’t it sad that even though everyone on the Hill knew he was gay (his nickname was supposedly FFF, Foley the Fag from Florida), it took something idiotic like this to make him admit to it. That is why everyone thinks all gays are child molester, cos all too often no one comes out unless they are accused of something nasty. A real shame.