Rants and Raves Weekly Update

Online Social Networking Under Attack:  A bill introduced into the US House of Reps that will make life intolerable for younger folks looking for a place to call “my space” is in the process (currently in the House Committee on Energy and Commerce).  House Resolution 5319 is the bill that has been introduced by Rep. Michael Fitzpatrick, PA.

AIDS Awareness, French Style: Thanks to Beautiful, I found these two advertising campaigns (2005, 2006) relating to AIDS Awareness. 

World AIDS Day 2006: Speaking of AIDS, I’ve joined the planning group for the AIDS Services of North Texas World AIDS Day 2006 event.  For those of you that don’t know, this year marks the 25th Anniversary of AIDS. The theme for this event will be the “Voices of AIDS” and I’ll be hunting out people who might want to get involved in this year’s program (so start monitoring your caller ID now).  I’m particularly interested in finding a talented musician who might be willing to write a piece of music for this event (and performed on December 1).  Email/IM/Call me if you want to assist, or know of this talented musician(s).

Webby Awards:  The Webby Awards for 2006 have been announced. It was great to see that Remembering Segregation won their category (Best Home/Welcome Page), definately worth a visit.