Super X-Men

Last night, we saw X-Men: The Last Stand (otherwise known as X-Men 3, or X-Men3). Of course, I just went for the dinner.

Being a huge X-Men fan, I couldn’t wait to see that guy in the wheelchair, or the other guy that turns things to ice (I’ve followed their careers religiously). To my suprise they inroduced this very cute character (well the guy who played the character was cute), and my fan-ness was becoming more engorged than I thought possible.

As for the movie – engorged fan status aside – I enjoyed it. I think this film made a good final movie, though they did leave a remnant of hope that a further sequel could be possible if needed. I will have to rewatch the other movies over the summer, just to make sure.

What really suprised me about the previews – and maybe it was because of the movie we were seeing, but there seems to be a large number of movies being made based on comic books (am I catching on to this trend a little late perhaps?). Superman Returns & Ghost Rider were just two of the previews we saw prior. One “super-hero” movie that is coming out – not based on a comic, as far as I know, is My Super Ex-Girlfriend, which we saw the short for (trailer at the link). It looks like it will be a funny movie!