Watching CNN this morning.

Over 110 tornadoes hit various parts of the US over the weekend. 110! (Story)

It appears that there is a report that Ambien (a popular sleeping aid) may be contributing to weight gain … through sleep-eating.

Sleep researchers have reported an unusual number of incidents of sleepwalking in people taking Ambien, the top-selling sleep aid in theU.S. The Food and Drug Administration has received similar reports. Some incidents involve eating or driving while asleep; some have led to criminal charges. No conclusive link between the drug and the incidentshas been established. (Story)

The AFA have issued a boycott against Ford … again. (Story)

Women are getting organized in warning others (women) about cheating men.  What is amusing is that the men who are listed on this site have banded together to put together a class action law suit.

This is kind of sad. “Miss Deaf Texas struck by train, killed” (Story)