Legal Update

Still no date for the legal action against CCGLA. In discussing this with the County Court, they advised that it will most likely be scheduled after May, when the court starts to meet more regularly (the Justice Court deals with a lot of truancy issues, and it appears this is best handled when kids are not in school). I am proceeding as if the case will be heard, as I’ve not received any indication that members of the CCGLA Board want to settle this matter.

I am continuing to build my case and have built quite a large amount of information that will reinforce the claims that I’ve made in my complaint. I am continuing to focus on the fact that the CCGLA Board acted inappropriately, and outside the rules of the organization, however given recent comments by a CCGLA board member, I now plan to submit proof that the lack of professionalism of some members was ingrained by previous members of the board. Being an information junkie has its benefits, especially when it comes to keeping emails and phone logs.

More information will be posted when available.