Is CCGLA there?

It appears that CCGLA is not following their own procedures, or have deliberately avoided collecting my certified letter sent on December 7, 2005. As you can see (click on the thumbnail to see a larger image), after repeated attempts by the United States Postal Service, my letter has been returned as unclaimed.

The CCGLA Operations Manual documents the collection of postal mail, and assigns this responsibility to the Secretary, who is required to check this at least every 15 days. Clearly based on the notations on the envelope this has not been done. [From the date of delivery to the date of return, it appears that the PO Box has remained unchecked for SEVEN weeks.] Of course, the other alternative is that the certified letter was ignored. Given that information about who the letter is from is not provided on the notification slip provided by the post office, this could only mean that all mail has been ignored. Something for the CCGLA Board to consider as it continues to revise its Operations Manual.

I’m guessing like many of the other unanswered questions, I’ll find out why this occured during the court hearing.