Sickness and guilt

These past few days I've been sick. I hate being sick. I'm generally miserable to be around, mainly as I don't want to do anything.  Thank the heavens for DayQuil as it appears to provide some normalcy in life, until it runs out of the system, and I'm reminded that I'm sick.

I bought a shelving unit yesterday for my office, just to get some things off the floor, so I put that together last night (it was from IKEA), and got quite a few things out of the way (as in off the floor). I'm reminded that I have a ton of crap that still needs to be sorted through and either passed on or trashed.  It's interesting to discard material that I thought I could never live without, especially stuff from my time with SGA at Collin.

Today I was trying to catch up on my reading, and snoozing seemed so appropriate. Still I got about 2 chapters done for one of my classes, and I'll get the rest done tomorrow.  I'm actually enjoying the classes, though Tuesdays are still a long day for me.

We are meant to take the dogs to the park today, but I'm not sure if that is going to happen.  I'm feeling guilty.