Gay News Update

Was just catching up on some news, and thought I would share some links and thoughts.

News Story One: The Cherokee Nation has dismissed a challenge to a same-sex marriage between Kathy Reynolds and Dawn McKinley.  The highest court found that as the plaintiff's were not individually harmed or affected by the marriage.  One of the quotes from the article is from Reynolds who said, “Dawn and I are private people, and we simply wish to live our lives in peace and quiet, just as other married couples are permitted to do.”  Amen to that, and good luck with their future.

News Story Two: It seems the SBC has another fallen angel.   Lonnie Latham, an executive committee member of the Southern Baptist Convention, was arrested on a lewdness charge for propositioning a male plainclothes policeman outside a hotel.  It appears he asked the police officer to engage in oral sex.  I guess SBC women aren't any good at giving head.

News Story Three: In political news, the country has a new gay speaker (of NY City Council), a new gay mayor in New Jersey, a returning gay mayor in Cambridge, MA, and a new lesbian senator in Arizona. This is fantastic news, as in all cases, the people who put these people in these positions, did so because of the contributions that they can make – not because they were gay.