Wild Broncos

Chatting with a friend tonight (who shall remain nameless, unless he wants me to embarrass him) about all things sex – primarily sexual activities of people.  Anyway, it got me thinking, and I started doing some research online and reacquainted myself with The Kinsey Institute at Indiana University.  During the conversation we discussed the common practice of anal sex (both women and men), penis size (and the belief that larger is better) and preferred positions during sex (cute models to display the different types).

Oh, one of the questions related to tops, and bottoms and part of the research discovered this book, which is now on my wish list at Amazon. It should be an interesting read, and one which I'm sure will be passed around to all those interested in these broad minded issues (*grin*).

It is discussions like these that make me realize that I am truly fascinated with all things about human sexuality, and I don't think I will ever stop learning, or wanting to learn, more about how people interact with each other at all levels, but mainly sexually.  Just some thoughts.