Who's the Ho in Frisco?

Well the first Saturday in December in Frisco normally means Merry Main Street, the city's response to the ongoing need to do something to celebrate the variety of holidays (read Christmas) that occur around this time of year. This year was pleasantly different from previous years that Chris and I have attended, in that it was warm (or warmish). In years gone by, we have frozen ourselves while we huddled with friends as we quickly strolled along Main Street, or for one year – around the ballpark. But this year was different, although as the evening drew on, we were reminded that the winter season may be closer than we'd like.

The actual event was nice, although I don't recall it being such a church(ey) event – although, I guess we do have so many of those property-tax-free establishments in the city right now, so it should be expected. From a sociological point of view, it was interesting to see that there appeared to be a correlation between the increase in churches at the event, and the lower level of fun or excitement that seemed to be emaninating through the crowd. It was not like previous years, and that is a sad thing.

Chris did bid on some art at the Visual Arts Guild of Frisco, which I didn't even know we had. A place to return to when a Merry Main Street is not happening.

After, we dropped by to Bobby and Ian's house for make your own pizza (scrum-diddly-umptious), and to admire their cat Nigel hiding under their new twelve-foot Christmas Tree. We also watched All The Rage on DVD (something I got from Netflix), and while it was visually enjoyable (most of the time), the story was somewhat missing – or maybe I just kept my focus on the important things (like nipples and navels).  (It's comforting to know that the first “review” you see on IMDB is “how did this get distributed?” Insightful.