OM Freakin' G

Talk about Santa's inability to control his animalistic urges!  (This is what it is really about.)  I mean, who wants their kids bouncing on Santa's hardened lap.  Another solution would have been to move Santa, or better still – not have the dude there in the first place. Yes Virginia, there is a Santa who can't control his urges.

Mall blocks view of Victoria's Secret from Santa
06:45 AM CST on Wednesday, December 7, 2005
Associated Press

ROANOKE, Va. – A black curtain has risen between a shopping mall Santa and a lingerie store to shield children from a display of skimpy undergarments.

The Victoria's Secret window display includes a leggy mannequin in a hot-pink thong and a bra and the message “Give Me Sexy.”

Following complaints from parents, management at Valley View Mall on Thursday raised the curtain to shield Santa's chair — and his young visitors — from the display.

“I want to make sure that everyone feels comfortable,” mall spokeswoman Mandy York said. “We can't move the store … We don't have control over what they put in their windows.”

Shirley Fairchild, waiting in line to see Santa with her grandchildren, Allison, 11, and Logan, 6, said the black curtain did a good job of hiding the lingerie-clad mannequins from children's view.