More Rude Unprofessionalism

After receiving a letter from Blue Martinez, CCGLA Treasurer on November 27, 2005 advising the details of my meeting where I could review the information requested in my letter of November 20, 2005, I got stood up!

(Remember, my purpose for requesting this information was to enable me to contact members of CCGLA to seek the calling of a special meeting to review the recent decisions of the CCGLA Board … decisions that have not been made in the best interests of the organization.)

No notification, no contact, nothing. This only further supports my claim that members of the board have acted, and continue to act, in a completely unprofessional manner towards myself.

After waiting forty minutes for someone to turn up, I managed to connect to a local wireless network and sent the following email to the directors.

From: James Nunn []
Sent: Tuesday, December 20, 2005 6:59 PM
Subject: Membership Review Meeting
Importance: High

Dear CCGLA Directors:

I refer to your letter of November 27, 2005 in which I was advised that I would be able to review the information requested in my letter of November 20, 2005 at the regular location of CCGLA Board meetings (Building 9, at 6000 Custer Road). The letter advised that I would be able to review this information between 6:30 PM andn 8:00 PM, as I had indicated that it may take me up to 90 minutes.

I have been here since 6:20 PM and to date no-one has shown up to allow me to review this information.

I have also not received any email, or postal mail to advise that changes had been made to this meeting time.

It is now 6:57 PM and because I was able to access the wireless network at Jay Forte’s office, I am able to send you this email.

Please advise what occured, why I was not contacted, and when this meeting will be rescheduled.

James Nunn

Based on previous experience, I don’t expect an answer to this, however I plan to raise this as further supporting evidence during the court hearing early in the year. One thing this does confirm, is the actions of the CCGLA Board show pretty conclusive evidence that not one of them wish to resolve this matter.