Target in target

Eeeks… spend time working on other things, or relaxing in the country and you miss out on things.

Thanks to kelrick [LJ user], I found out about the devastating boycott of Target stores by the American Family Association.  The reason?  Target, has joined other stores, like Walmart to reduce the “Merry Christmas” message within their stores, in consideration of the variety of religious traditions that exist in the United States.  According to the AFA, Target will also prevent the Salvation Army from collecting donations outside of their stores.  The AFA is asking people to sign a petition that will “also be sent to other major chains banning the use of 'Merry Christmas' including Costco, BJ's, Wal-Mart, Sears/K-Mart and Kohl's.”  Um, so my question is, why are they not calling on a ban to all these other stores? Hypocritical?  I think so.