No Relief from FEMA

Just because there is no reason not to post this.

Over in 365Gay News, we are told that FEMA is prevented by law to provide “any relief in the form of family benefits to same-sex couples” (thanks to DOMA), and that the laws also will directly impact gay and lesbian families where one partner has died as a result of the hurricane.

Wow, this is fantastic news. I mean what better way for the government to save more money, than to be able to say “the law won't allow me to help you.”

Remember folks, we don't have a law that would make Texas as heartless as this … yet. In two more months, we might though (this is where you get off your butts to do something).

Thankfully, organizations that don't actually see the need to hate people in need – like the American Red Cross and the Rainbow World Fund – are providing much needed support.