"Balls, Mr. Bennet"

Saturday night Chris & I headed off to Pizza Hut Park (yes, it IS called that) for the opening night, and to watch FC Dallas (formerly the Dallas Burn) play the MetroStars (from New York/New Jersey).  They tied.  The park itself will be impressive when it is finished. Everyone who came through the gates received a plastic version of a hard hat (red) with the notation “Pardon our dust” on the side.  It was kind of amusing.  It appears the park is running behind schedule, but rather than wait, they decided to have the opening night anyway, construction or no construction.  It isn't as bad as it sounds, it's just … well kind of amusing.

The most heart wrneching moment (for me) was at the end of the national anthem (sung by this eleven year old girl with a damn fine voice), and they had a fly over with two fighter jets.  I actually got a little choked up with the sensation that I was feeling as I watched them fly over.  I normally don't get all worked up over such things, but there are a couple of instances where the reaction is warranted, if not a little suprising (to me).

As for the game, it was fun. I actually like soccer, as I can follow the game quite easily, and I understand the rules (mostly).  Jeff Cassar (the goalie) did a good job of keeping most of the balls flying in his face from getting to where they were aimed, though he did let the two goals through that tied the game.  My favorite players (based purely on their look, nothing to do with talent) were Greg Vanney and Drew Moor.  Both boys had legs that were just scrump-diddly-uptious.

The fans were fun to watch, and some of them are very serious about their soccer (I can't call it football, because its not).  And then there were those (like us) who were along for the fun evening of watching the game, the entertainment and the crowd.

We left about fifteen minutes before the game ended, and headed down to Taco Diner to meet up with Bobby and Ian for a bite to eat, and then a sip of some wines over at Cru Wine Bar.  A very pleasant way to end a Saturday evening.