Back Pain

Thanks to Good As You for this tidbit. It appears that some conservative organizations are getting all upset that Johnson and Johnson's Tylenol PM advertised in the July 19 edition of The Advocate. Focus on the Family, American Family Association and the Klu Klux Klan are outraged over the advert and are rallying their troops to send Johnson and Johnson a message. The AFA's One Million Mom's webpage even goes so far to provide a link to a JPG of the ad (thanks!) with the following warning: “Be warned, it is offensive.”

What is amazing is that the KKK have used the exact wording used on the Million Moms site, which is a direct lift from the One Million Dads (another AFA project) site.

It's not offensive, and it's extremely appropriate given where the ad was placed. I'm sure J&J are getting a few comments from the nutters on the right, so help balance things out by visiting the Johnson & Johnson feedback page and let them know how you feel about the ad. If you are the chatty type, call them at 1-800-TYLENOL, or 1-800-962-5357 (option 5), or dial direct to 732-524-0400.