NOLA Update Finale

Sunday is our last day in New Orleans. Bobby and Ian left on an earlier flight with American, so it was just Layton, Brian, Chris and I left. We decided that we would try to get on an earlier flight, however it appeared that all flights out of NOLA was booked solid. So we decided that we should visit the Garden District and perhaps hunt down a cemetary to stroll through (we are in New Orleans after all). (Side note: Due to New Orleans being at such a low sea-level, bodies can't be buried, so instead they put their dead in above ground graves.)

We actually go to Café du Monde and had some of their world famous beignets (yum), and then we headed off through downtown to the cable car to take us through the Garden District. There are some beautiful homes along St. Charles. It is very different to what you see in the French Quarter, where buildings are jutted up against each other. Here homes are on large lots (in many cases) and have some amazing trees to shade the house, garden and street (often from the same tree). The cable car, or tram, ride was fun – with the open window and the fresh (non-French Quarter) air flowing through.

We got off at Audobon Park, which is almost opposite Loyola University and Tulane University, wandered around there a little, then asked a local if he knew where the cemetary was. We got back on the street car and off at Washington to find the Lafeyette Cemetary No. 1 was closed on Sundays! Having failed in our mission to see dead people, we headed back to the hotel to check in for our flight, and then headed back to the Gumbo Shop for lunch.

Flight home was uneventful, which is always nice to say. After getting home, Chris and I decided to head to East Texas to get our boyz and finally at about 3AM we fell into bed.