My Friend Diane

Not sure if this post got picked up by the aggregators this morning (I made an entry on my home machine, and forgot to submit, and then made another one on another machine, and it seemed to have got the time stamps all over the place).

Anyway, in this post, I made a comment about a friend of mine who I had heard had been admitted into hospital in Australia. Here is an extract of an email I got from my ex-bf, Daniel, just now:

She has leukaemia (now that she's over the other three cancers she's endured) and has just undergone intensive chemotherapy, which has totally failed! Her body is zapped, but the leukaemia has remained.

The specialists are considering what to do next. One possibility is a bone marrow transplant and more accompanying chemo, assuming they can find a compatible donor, given she has no siblings.

It turns out that after three bouts of breast cancer, my friend Diane is battling this blood cancer. Normally I'm not at a loss for words, but THIS SUCKS!

For those of you who keep the spirits healthy and in your thoughts, send a healing thought across the Pacific to Diane.

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