Glory, Glory, Halla-margarita

Hump day is over, and what better way to celebrate than a visit to our good friend Gloria's in Frisco. It was happy hour, so the drink prices were better than ever, and more enticing. Layton and I got there around 5:30, and we were soon joined by Ian, followed by Chris. In the 90 minutes that we were there, 16 margarita-style drinks were consumed. Ian and I were average, Chris below average, and Layton (“that boy can drink”) won this round. To say we were toasted, would not be an accurate reflection of the reality, as I think there may have been one of us with a buzz. I tried the Meltdown with Midori, and I think it's become my Gloria's drink of choice.

Following our drinking, we decided a visit to Starbucks would be in order. I'm not sure how to react when you walk in and someone says to you, “but it's not Friday” (a reference to a regular coffee meet up held on Fridays). Being slightly intoxicated, my rapid response-back system was malfunctioning, so I just ordered coffee. We then visited Krispy for A donut, and walked out of the store with two dozen. Then we settled at the Panda Express (outside) to drink our Starbucks and eat our Krispy Kreme, and had a phenomenal conversation about life, relationships and – naturally – sex.

On a sadder note, Bobby was not able to join us because his grandmother passed away in the morning, so he was travelling over to help make arrangements for the funeral later in the week. We did take a moment to reflect on her passing, and had a drink in her honor.