America, before make-up

Over at Towleroad, Lewis Payton is filling in for Andy while he travels. Lewis's first post was a doozy (read: awesome), and has caused a barrage of comments … well a few at least. I always like to read the comments on posts – though sometimes there is little time to do that. Today I did. One commentator – a guy from the UK, called Jonas – posted the following:

As for 'doing what they want and live how they want to live' – as a (probably as you are reading this site) gay man how can you possibly say this?! Newsflash: Your government hates you. They think you are less than everyone else. That you shouldn't have the same rights as your neighbours. That the constitution doesn't apply to you. They think you are morally wrong.

and ends with

This is America now as it is being seen from the outside due to your current political direction: A loud, overbearing, drunken, greedy, self-righteous bully. I'm sorry if you think that I'm insulting your country and I'll try to fix that by saying that when I think of the USA I DO feel it's a land of freedom, hope, aspiration, with great ideals and a wonderful constitution. If there is to be only one superpower in the world then I'm glad its you, despite everything. But these are all feelings that are harder to connect to whilst we see the current administration divide such an amazing country, invade others and take the rights away from its citizens whilst evoking 9/11 in the most cynical way. You need to be the guardians of the world, not its ruler, and there is a difference; one is about responsibility and the other the acquistion of power.

I read this comment, and I was like “wow, that is how I feel.” I do feel that the US is an amazing place to live, with the most incredible opportunities, and I understand why people try to make this a place to call home, but as an outsider, I can't help but see that there are two views in this world, and I'm not sure it's in the best interests of all Americans to ignore the other view.