I just love to blend…

Just saw Bewitched. Nicole Kidman is fabby in the role of “Samantha” (played as Isabelle). Will Ferrell … well he was in the film, but I think it was less enjoyable because of it. The character he played seemed to be the person he is, but I could be wrong 🙂 Shirley Maclaine was the suprise cast member for me – I guess I should look at websites more regularly. The music in the film was great. A lot of stuff from days gone by, but timeless none-the-less.

Prior to the movie, Chris and I (ad)ventured over to Bobby and Ian for some din din. It was nice to see their sugar daddy was also in attendance (for a sugar daddy, he drives an odd look vehicle). Ian blazed up a treat for us. AND I do mean blazed – what is the number to 9-1-1 again? Totally delicious. I delved into the Kraft Kitchen today and cooked up some Blueberry Cheesecake Bars, which I have to say were quite tasty. Everyone seemed to enjoy them, although Bobby & Ian insisted that we remove them from their home after the movie 🙂

OH! Never too late for this one. RENT is coming to theatres in on Rememberance Day (11/11/2005)!