Election Woes and Killing Bill

Well yesterday was election day for the City Council, and even though the winds were strong, they were not strong enough to blow through change. Chris has been working on a campaign for a while now (basically taking the lead with the candidate), and unfortunately his candidate didn't get enough votes to make a change. It's kind of sad really, as it really highlighted to me that the “town” we live in is very small, and people don't really hold their elected officials accountable. I'm not going to get on another soapbox about the problems with the American electorate being disengaged (or ignorant), but it was sad to have this belief reinforced yet again.

Yesterday started off late (after having spent most of the night playing XBox and chatting with a friend until 5ish). It was an odd feeling as I was going to bed as Chris and Brian were getting up to go off and work the election. Thankfully, it ended quite differently.

After finding the results of the early voting, Chris and I buzzed Bobby and Ian to find out if they were up for dinner. We went to the Irish Rover, and met Layton (a friend from college). It was a disaster, but funny (when you look back on it). Our waitress, Heather, was constantly apologizing for not doing her job, and forgetting everything (well some things). We joked that she was all three Heathers, and by the end of the night, I think we had met all three of her 😉 After dinner, and a couple of drinks, we venutured to The Colony to watch Kill Bill 2 (I had only recently seen KB1), and I have to say that I preferred Vol. 2 more than Vol. 1 (only as I'm not a gore and blood type of person, except where Halo is concerned 🙂 ). The final (?) volume tied up a lot of loose ends.

It was a nice Saturday night.