Phone Experiment

Yesterday, I acquired Vonage.  I installed the telephone adapter, logged in, signed up and voila – Vonage is active.  Here is a little information from their website:

Using an existing high-speed Internet connection, Vonage technology enables anyone to make and receive phone calls – worldwide – with a touch-tone telephone. Offering quality phone service bundled with enhanced IP communications services, our interactive communications portal is a gateway to advanced features only available through digital telephone service. Utilizing our global network and advanced routing technologies, Vonage offers an innovative, feature-rich and cost effective alternative to traditional telephony services. (Source)

We have signed up for the basic plan, which is $14.99/month, and this provides a bundle of features (at no extra charge). The plan we are on provides 500 minutes a month (for outbound calls) to anywhere in the United States and Canada. This means calling the neighbor, or calling our friends in Vancouver (mental note, get friends in Vancouver).  We are going to test it out for a little while, and if we like it, we will be moving our entire phone service over to it – how cool will that be 🙂