Live from Austin … It's Thursday night … eerrrrr…

Well here I am in Austin, Texas at the TJCSGA State Convention. Day 1 was today which was spent travelling to Austin, and then just ducking from all the stuff that happens when you get here.

We got to the hotel just after 1PM, but weren't able to check in until 3PM (what gives with that?). Finally got into my room, and unpacked. Very happy about that. I'm also happy that I”m not sharing a room this trip (due to a cancellation), so I can lounge around and relax in the privacy of my own room … yeah right!

We had Carol Keeton Staythorn as our keynote speaker at dinner, and WOW! What a dynamic speaker. Her campaign or motto is “One Tough Grandma” and she was an amazing speaker, and I'll admit that she does throw her name in teh ring for Governor in 2006. Talk about a long history of public service, AND of getting things done. I need to check out her website more when I get access to full-time Internet, as she had a lot of stuff she stated, that I'm like “wow, I didn't know that.” She kept saying she is a fiscal conservative, and commonsense conservative. Worth investigating. She did make a statement about sexually oriented businesses funding schools (a plan of the current Governor that went nowhere during the last legislative session). Like I said, more investigation needed.

As for the trip, I'm tired. It's 11:11 PM and I feel like it's SO LATE. I've got a ton of stuff to do before bed, and they expect me to head to the “dance” – like that is going to happen. I'm looking forward to getting to bed tonight and just getting some sleep (may need to program in a nap tomorrow).