Drumming to the sounds of salsa

I've been a bad blogger. Having just woken up from a napette, I decided I should take the time to tell you this 🙂

Actually it's been quite a busy week for me (I guess there is a lot of that going around this time of year). In three weeks, I walk the stage to receive a couple of pieces of paper that is meant to indicate all the work that I've been doing over the past four years (for those of you not up with my education status, this is not meant to indicate a four year degree, but actually two two-year degrees). It's going to be a tough moment in my life, as I've been so much a part of that college, but I will be easing myself out, mainly due to the need to complete one additional class to actually graduate which I shall be taking over the summer session.

Friday night I attended the annual Student Organization Gala where I presented the award for Outstanding Student Organization. Of course, this being held on a Friday night, would mean that I would miss attending my second coffee night in a row, so after the dinner/gala, I ventured up to coffee with Damir. Layton (a friend of mine from college) decided he would join us. Of course, there were very few there when we arrived, so we adjourned back to our place for drinks and various television interuptions. It was a great night.

Saturday was a bit slow for me due to the late night on Friday (4:30 AM). Had a group project meeting for my minority studies class, then went to assist Chris with the council campaign he is involved with. Finally we finished what we could do that day, and went out to the new Campisi's up in Plano. Good food!

Today was a catch up on sleep day. A nice lay in, then shower, dress and hit the park for Bobby's birthday bash. It was a lot of fun. His family was there, and I couldn't believe the difference in one of his nephews (compared to when I last had seen him). Ian's sister dropped by with her hubby and their new baby – can you say “cute!”

I'm meant to be working on a project presentation for tomorrow's spanish class, and I was going to do a paper on Tito Puente as I thought he was from Cuba, but I've now discovered that he was born in New York – which is a real pain in the a$$ to find out. Now I'm drumming my fingers.