Bitch Goddess – The Lost Chapters

I have read all of Robert Rodi's books, though most of them still reside in Australia. The following link is a listing of his novels, and a brief summary of each.

Interestingly when I visited Rodi's website, I found a link to the lost chapters of Bitch Goddess.  Who knew they existed!  I've downloaded them, and will be reviewing them over the weekend (too many projects on the go right now to find time during this week).

From his site:

Bitch Goddess: The Lost Chapters
The original manuscript to Bitch Goddess included six chapters describing Viola Chute’s performances in some of her more memorable roles. Ultimately, we decided to delete these chapters, since they were the only ones that spoke from an omnipotent, authorial point of view, as opposed to employing the voice of an actual character.

Here they are at last, for your perusal.