What next? Branding?

I was going to paraphrase this, and comments, but I think my blood pressure might explode.  I'm guessing forehead branding is the next step.  Some people are just SO BACKWARDS it ain't funny.  (Someone does need to explain to the AP the difference between principles and principals.)

Source: 365Gay.Com

Georgia Moves To Force Gay Students To Come Out To Parents Before Joining LGBT Clubs
by The Associated Press

Posted: March 19, 2005  12:01 am ET

(Atlanta, Georgia) A proposal aimed at gay clubs would require high school students to get written parental permission before taking part in extracurricular activities.

The rule before the state Board of Education was proposed by schools Superintendent Kathy Cox. It does NOT specifically target clubs for homosexual students. But it was requested by lawmakers who have tried for several years to squelch gay student support groups in Georgia high schools.

If approved, the rule would require any student who wants to take part in any school-related club or after-school activity to get written permission from parents.

Such permission already is required for student athletes.

Opponents say the rule might keep students from joining controversial groups, such as clubs for gay students.

Principles say it will increase paperwork for teachers who sponsor the clubs.

A group of students at White County High School is attempting to start a club for gay students, bringing objections from the community in northeast Georgia.

Cox contends the proposal is NOT intended to suppress membership in such groups.

The board is expected to vote on the measure in April.

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