I have just had to had finished the longest game of Munchkin … EVER!  Bobby and Ian invited over a couple of peoples for dinner and a games night. I should say GAME night, as we only got to play one game.  Jai was over with Drew and a friend (Paul, (the guy Jai is dating). of Jai has been seeing lately.  (How do you say that? Someone who he is interested in, and been dating, but not referenced as a boyfriend).  Brian (room mate) was also there, and Todd (a friend of mine from years gone by, who recently moved to Dallas) dropped by to be dazzled by the shenanigans of the Munchkin players.

Anyway, the game was not as brutal as it has been in the past … what am I saying, it was!  At the end of the game (which was won by Chris and Paul), everyone was a Level 9, and they only won together because Paul helped Chris defeat a monster, and he (Paul) was an Elf, so he got to go up a level as well (you need to get to Level 10) because he helped.  The rules are not that difficult, but there is a LOT of interpretation and reading going on (each card can do a lot of different things).  Needless to say, mix in a few (??) drinks and you end up with a riotess night of laughter, finger pointing, and back room deals (not to mention the alliances).

Dinner was a pot luck style, and Jai/Paul/Drew bought a lovely pot of meatballs with a tasty sauce (they were not kosher, but we lived), Ian/Bobby emptied there liquor cabinet to make Apple Martinis (yum) and concotted up a delicious Chicken Tabouli Salad.  Brian served up salad, and Chris shared a moist cake (bundt-ish style) with a yummy icing on it.  I ate and drank, so did what I could to assist.

Now Chris is snoring on the sofa in my office (he likes to share that with me), and I'm pretty worn out from all that thinking that we had to do in the game (*chuckle*).  Overall, today was a pretty wonderful day to spend our anniversary.

Tomorrow we are off to see Bat Boy: The Musical, a production by Quad C Theatre, and then we may just have a casual dinner somewhere between there and home.